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Where To Find T and D Articles

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LTEC 4000 Search: Where to find Training & Development Articles


Welcome To The Free Training and Development Resource Center http://thetrainingworld.com/

One of the key components of learning includes acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies, and this website helps the learning professional (and learners, too!) stay up to speed on useful materials, facilitation tools, and technologies. The Training World site owners do a great job of cross-referencing material as well, so at the end of each article/topic, they provide “related categories” for additional research.


Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) https://www.merlot.org/merlot/index.htm

MERLOT is a curated collection of free and open online teaching, learning, and faculty development services contributed and used by an international education community.


Skillsoft Online Books | On Demand IT Skills Training | Skillsoft Books24x7. http://www.books24x7.com/

Books 24x7 provides instant access to thousands of books, research reports, IT training, and more. Although access requires a subscription fee, content is not limited to training, human resources, or any specific topic, so it is a broad solution to online research on a wide, perhaps even unlimited, range of topics.


Training, coaching, mentoring, training and learning design - developing people. http://businessballs.com

 The author of this website feels very strongly that training should be available; not so much for increasing profits (which is pretty much what many businesses are all about); nor is it to make the company look good (which is understandable). Rather, they believe that training should be utilized in order to allow an individual to grow on a personal level.  They also believe that training should focus on an individual in an individual way, not an individual and the company as a whole.


Training Industry Magazine.  http://trainingmag.com

 All of the things that are needed in order for a business to be managed can be found in Training Industry Magazine. New issues are published every 3 months (March, June, September & December). You can even submit proposals for an article on the website.


Products - Training - Services. http://hrdpress.com

HRD (Human Resource Development) Press has spent four decades providing products that help training personnel develop their workers. Nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies (90% to be exact) are customers; not too shabby!!!!


Fred Pryor Seminars. (1999-2015). Division of Park University Enterprises, Inc. www.pryor.com

 This database is full of training materials from all forms of technology to help advance many diverse groups in business today. There is a list of seminars on many interesting topics for business professionals, as well as presentations on-line. This website can be tailored for individuals or whole companies. This website is a great show case of how technology can assist in training plans in one convenient location.



Fitzgerald, W. (1992). Training versus development. Training & Development, 46(5), 81-84. (http://lms.powercam.cc/sysdata/user/42/irisli/blog/doc/6aaf13ba58c720ef/attach/160.pdf)

 Fitzgerald in this book really takes an in depth look at both concepts. With an engaging and curiosity type attitude the author really gets the points across to get the readers mind working on understanding and self development.

Online Library Database


Cyber Cemetery http://govinfo.library.unt.edu/

Cyber Cemetery is an archive of government websites that serve the university's curriculum by providing information to the public. The database is in partnership with the University of North Texas Libraries and the U.S. Government Printing Office.


Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan to provide "a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere." The organization produces micro lectures in the form of YouTube videos. Wikipedia



The BizLibrary Collection http://www.bizlibrary.com/libraries/the-bizlibrary-collection#

The BizLibrary Collection is an award-winning “NetFlix-style” employee training solution of online training videos and eLearning courses.


Mind Tools: Online Management, Leadership and Career Training. http://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/team-development.htm  

Offers comprehensive leadership, team management, decision-making, project management, personal productivity, and communication skills toolkit, with more than 1,000 skills, techniques and tools explained in detail. More than 60 downloadable Bite-Sized Training™ sessions, teaching specific skills in focused one-hour sessions. More than 340 downloadable Book Insights and Expert Interviews, giving you convenient access to the ideas and opinions of key global experts. I have subscribed to Mind Tools for their free Newsletter and constantly receive valuable resources/tools. I particularly enjoy the surveys they offer, which ascertain both strengths and weaknesses of the employer and employee.


Free Training Resources. The National Learning Institute. http://nationallearning.com.au/free-training-resources/

This is a fabulous resource for finding a plethora of different training topics. When it comes to trying to search for informational documents and training tools for trainers, this is exactly the article one would need to equip them.


Clark, Don. (1995, July 13).  Big Dog & Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition. Retrieved from http://nwlink.com/~donclark/index.html

This website is written by Don Clark who has spent numerous years compiling information, training documentation, and the science behind training. This resource will prove to be a valuable one due to it’s vast yet thorough encompassing of training expertise.


eLearning Industry http://elearningindustry.com/   

Elearningindustry.com has a wealth of knowledge regarding learning and development; however, the main focus (as indicated by the websites name) is specifically online training and development. Not only are there quite a few articles regarding best practices for both teaching and learning in an online setting, but there are also templates, tutorials, and a vast number of additional resources to facilitate successful e-learning and teaching.


TD Magazine. https://www.td.org/Publications/Magazines/TD

This is an online publication, specifically geared towards Training and Development. The website contains many free articles and podcasts about training and development, employee engagement, technological resources, and quite a bit more!


Workforce Magazine | HR News Articles | Human Resources Email Newsletters | Blogs & Forums | Workforce.com. http://workforce.com  

Workforce Magazine is an online and print publication under MediaTec Publishing and Human Capital Media Group that deals with topics dealing with human resources and business strategies. Newsletters are produced on a regular basis containing rich business related information as well as the impacts of current events in the industry. Its monthly digital and print magazine issues, which are currently in its 94th volume, are full of insightful interviews from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders aside from advice and stories in many aspects of the business.


American Management Association http://www.amanet.org/

This website works for both individuals and entire organizations. It offers articles and various databases to assist with training and other employment solutions. It is broken up into members and non-members and also offers online training seminars for its members.

Professional Training Solutions http://www.amanet.org/Individual-Solutions.aspx


The National Career Development Association http://www.ncda.org/aws/NCDA/pt/sp/resources

This website is a database that covers every possible angle of employment. It offers links to training courses as well as many other useful services from self-assessments to job hunting boards. Most of the links are free to explore while others require membership fees to take full advantage of.


Lynda.com http://www.lynda.com

Lynda.com is an online education company.  The company offers thousands and thousands of video courses in a variety of subjects.  These subjects are categorized into Developer, Design, Web, Photography, Business, Education, 3D + Animation, Video, Audio and Music.  They are taught by industry experts.  Lynda.com is primarily known strictly for subjects in Digital Media.  Although Digital Media corresponds directly into the world of Business, Lynda.com has incorporated exclusive Business and Education videos.  This is due largely in part to being bought by Linkedin.


Society for Human Resource Management http://www.shrm.org/pages/default.aspx

The Society for Human Resource Management or SHRM is the world’s largest HR membership organization.  They are extremely devoted to human resource management.  They provide a central hub to finding anything and everything related to Human Resources.  They group things into HR Topics and Strategy, Legal Issues and Samples, HR Standards and Competencies, Research and Metrics, Education and Certification, Conference, Publications, Communities and HR Answers. There is extensive amount of valuable information you can retrieve from there for free.  However, with a membership, you get access to Ask an HR Advisor Service, Free weekly webcasts, State & Federal Compliance Resources, HR Magazine & E-newsletters, Online discussion groups, Discounts on all SHRM educational offerings, Discounts on SHRM certification and Plus tons of customizable HR Tools.


Investopedia - Educating the world about finance. http://www.investopedia.com/

This site was great for helping me understand the lingo used in the investing world along with a lot of information on rules and regulations for business transactions and trades. This site also has a lot of information to prep you for any financial licensing test such as the series 7 for stock trading and more.


Business Insider. http://www.businessinsider.com/

This site is one I have found to be very satisfying when researching new markets and trending activity’s in today’s business world. I have found articles on how to pick schools to how to interview and share ideas with others in this high tech career driven world. It’s not only a good resource I think but highly entertaining!


Corporate Learning Network. (2013, May 29). Southwest Airlines’ Approach to Developing Leaders [Blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.corporatelearningnetwork.com/professional-development/articles/southwest-airlines-approach-to-developing-leaders/

O'Hanlon (2013) shares a discussion that Bonnie Endicott, senior manager of People Development at SWA, had at their Corporate Learning Summit about how they choose and develop their future leaders. As someone who is a frequent flyer I prefer to fly Southwest due to their outstanding customer service. While researching what I thought would be good to share with the class I came across this article and liked how SWA approached their leadership development. In particular I like the quote at the end by Endicott, “If we are going to spend this much money we need to make sure it’s the right people moving up.”


Leadership Development Skills. http://www.skillsoft.com/business-solutions/leadership-development.asp

Provide foundational skills to first-time and front-line managers

Train all managers to lead teams and manage performance

Reduce the cost of learning and extend leadership development to more audiences

Provide ongoing performance support activities to ensure behavior change in the workplace

 The reason for sharing this is because our Sr. Vice President of Human Resources and myself are looking into a few programs to implement internally at our company. This is one solution that we are highly interested in.


All About Training and Development (Learning and Development) www.managementhelp.org/training

This website is very helpful because many of us have no idea how to carefully design an approach to training and development.  This topic in the Library provides an extensive range of information about training and development, including to depict how the many aspects of training and development relate to each other.  Also, this topic explains how training and development can be used, informally or formally, to meet the nature and needs of the reader


Australian Govt. https://education.gov.au/career-development.

I think it is important to get different types of training and development concepts. I came across this Australian website, it is a different approach and guide to the way they teach their employees


Learning, Training & Development. http://hrcouncil.ca/hr-toolkit/learning-implementing.cfm

This website really arranges the steps needed for training and development. The need for an accurate job description along with the employees conducting a self-assessment of their skills is the starting point.


Employee Training and Development Process. http://www.bizmove.com/personnel/m4d.htm

The website went into detail about current employees having the same need for training as new employees. The value of training was another topic that is crucial to small business owners who feel it is a waste of time. The training and employee development process can result in a low turnover rate and increased production. The website is filled with information geared towards training and development.


Business Management Daily http://www.communicationbriefings.com

Business Management Daily (2015) does a great job of providing the tools for leaders, managers and employees through a monthly subscription newsletter along with blogs and media training through there website. some of the neat tools they have are for example, under Advice by topics: include productivity, Interviewing and hiring, writing, speaking, tips for managers and more.  this website provides the tools to help employees, leader and managers with the skills to advance their careers.


U.S. Department of Labor http://www.dol.gov

U.S. Department of Labor (2015) provides great information on what everyone needs to know as an employee, manager or leader. Some helpful things consist of laws and regulations, disability resources, Job and Training Information. It also includes on ApprenticeshipUSA which provides employers the tools to develop a skilled workforce and opportunities for workers to learn the skills necessary in high demand careers. 


Training Journal https://www.trainingjournal.com/

I found this website had helpful topics from leadership, coaching and mentoring, soft skills, and etc. What caught my eye was the article of turning a bad meeting into a productive one. I hope this website becomes useful to the rest of the class.


Levo League https://www.levo.com/

Levo is a great professional site for women in the workforce, but they publish a ton of great posts about workplace dynamics and how to handle situations that I share with my team.


PoliceOne (www.policeone.com) and International Association of Chiefs of Police (www.theiacp.org/police-chief-magazine)

PoliceOne offers a variety of tools to research the development of new police equipment and identify flaws associated with the equipment. They also provide training tips for police officers that are becoming a common trend in police work. There are multiple articles and videos that can be viewed. The International Association of Chiefs of Police web site provides supporting research and training for executives that work in law enforcement. I recently used the web site to identify common trends associated with the implementation of body worn cameras.


Train Your Workforce. Texas Workforce Commission. http://www.twc.state.tx.us/businesses/train-your-workforce

The TWC has a site with multiple articles and resources on training employees.  This site has information on different types of training, and it could be a wonderful source of information for training a workforce. 


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