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For training and development, there are a number of valuable resources that will be shared during the discussions and as part of your assignments. Part of your grade this semester will be to curate and post references/resources of value for training and development to the LTEC 4000 WikiIt is designed to be a training and development repository of useful resources for you this semester, your assignments, and beyond the class


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BONUS: Check out the HOW TO: Research and Reference   page for "how to" search and cite your sources. 

Use the Training & Development resources to find articles (from Discussion Module 1.2): Where To Find T and D Articles


Please organize your references in APA 6th Edition this includes adding your reference citation in alphabetical order BY LAST NAME to the designated Chapter PAGE. Do not post your reference in the comments section.



Presentation Resources from “Employee Training and Development” Textbook

Chapter 1: Introduction to Employee T & D

Chapter 7: Traditional Training Methods

Chapter 2: Strategic Training

Chapter 8: Technology-Based Training

Chapter 3: Needs Assessment

Chapter 9: Employee Development

Chapter 4: Learning & Transfer of Training

Chapter 10: Social Responsibility

Chapter 5: Program Design

Chapter 11: The Future of T & D

Chapter 6: Training Evaluation




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